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Join to be candidate for President Forums Year 2016!

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Legislative Branch

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Join to be candidate for President Forums Year 2016!

Post by Jdpense on Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:34 pm

Hey there! Did you sign-up last year to be a candidate and try to win as an admin for the forums but didn't get the most votes in order to do so? Well don't worry, now it's time to try again!!! cheers
You can sign-up again to be a candidate for president, and you can do that by clicking right here. However, you must sign-up before the DEADLINE, which is December 21st, 2015. That will be the time when the entries for wanting to be president will be closed. So I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

When time is up for joining to be candidate, I will gather up all the candidates that sign-up, and post a topic titled "President Election for the Forums of the Year", which should be located in the Announcements sub-forum. Then the other members will get to vote for the which candidate should be the president of the year, expect for the candidates themselves. (Of course)

After when the elections are closed, I gather up the votes, and the candidate with the most votes will win the president position for the year!!

Although, you will only have this position for only one year, and the cycle will repeat again. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today, and have fun!!! Smile

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