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Post by Jdpense on Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:32 pm

Here are some ground rules for this site, if you want to remain here.

Rules wrote:Rule 1: No pornography content! - Otherwise you'll get an instant ban (Disregarding your warnings). Your thread and/or your post will be also deleted.

Rule 2: Try to use proper English and grammar. - If English isn't your main language, then you are exempt from this rule. However, if you are a lazy american who only posts one word for post, then your post will be considered as spam and will be deleted. Of course, this rule doesn't apply to the "Spam" section of the forums.  

Rule 3: Don't be a jerk! - This would include acting a like condescending douche towards others, insulting someone, giving -rep abuse against another person, insulting someone's work without CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, and etc. So try to avoid from doing these things and, try to relax and have fun.

Rule 4: If you don't have meat, then you get no show! - If you want to showoff something you made, then make sure that have some pictures or at least a video of your content. Otherwise, you're thread will be deleted. Fantasies of creation don't work like that around here.    

Rule 5: NO BACKSEAT MODDING!!!! PERIOD. - These kind of people get annoying, since they try to take the job of the Moderators. If another user is breaking any of the rules, then use the report button, and an Admin or Moderator will take care of it.

Rule 6: Try to avoid double-posting. - The double-posting would include posting again right after your previous post. Try to not do this, because it would show poor forum structure, and it would make the thread look sloppy. So if you need to fix any grammatical errors or need to add anything you forgot to add, then edit your previous post. That's what the edit button is there for! You may be exempt from this rule, if you're posting an update of your work, or any updates for your project. Of course, this rule doesn't apply to the "Spam" section of the forums.  

Rule 7: Try to avoid bumping up topics! Unless, if it's your own topic! - "Bumping up" topics would mean posting in an old topic that is very old, like years old. Try not do this, since there are people who may be the author of that topic that you "bumped up", and they may want their topic to cease from having anymore replies. However, you may "bump up" someone else's topic, if you get their permission first!  

Rule 8: Don't make impersonation accounts of other users! - Making an account of a fictional character is fine, but making an impersonation account other users on this site is rude and not even funny, so don't do this! Otherwise you'll be instantly banned and your impersonation account will be deleted.             

So if you keep constantly break any of these rules, you'll get banned for amount of time, or permanently, it all depends.
That will be all. So have fun! Smile

P.S. - There is a surprise for you, if you get 1111 posts on your post counter.................

EDIT: The whole warnings system has been removed, if a user keeps breaking the rules over and over they eventually will be banned.

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