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Update - 8/7/2015 - New Set of Smilies Added

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Update - 8/7/2015 - New Set of Smilies Added

Post by Jdpense on Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:45 pm

Great news everybody! I've recently added new smileys to this forum that everyone can use! So go ahead and try them out!

To find the new smilies, just go over to the smileys tab (on the left side), click on "View more Emoticons", and select "Signs".

Then, there you go! New smileys to try out!

So have fun!        

New smileys:

Teacher Rant No comment Ask the Admin My Two Cents Blah Blah Thank You Please Help Admin Power Anyone got it Back to the Topic Bravo Bump Busted Congrats I didn't do it Ditto Don't feed the moder I don't get it Dupe Give feed back pleas Don't feed the troll Pumped Flame war Good Idea Good Job Good posting Google Hatred Thread Hijacked Hit it Holy Sheep I agree with this Banned Six Ja Ja Cheer for Jerry Just Kidding Cooooooooool Lame Lies Like You've made my day Mod Power Evil Laughter Needs Pics Off Topic Owned Pity Reply Thread Locked Rock On Sarcasm Alert Did I say that Get Out Cookie Mediocore Spammer ZZZ Yes Master Yeah Right You Wish Not Working Not buying it Soap box I'm with the Stupid Tard lol Oh Crap Welcome What he said Praise to the man

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